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Things you should know before applying for a Machinery Loan

The inception of a business harps on a vision that reaps productive outputs alongside uniformity in revenue generation. However, to sustain and grow, sometimes external funding becomes a mandate for SMEs. Utilization of the right machinery in a business setup can actually help employees to automate their tasks, which in turn helps them to accomplish more in less time. Well-maintained machinery also retains a uniform productivity in the work environment, thereby increasing the effectiveness of human resources. So, to pick a faster pace in achieving business goals, you might consider availing a Machinery Loan and give a head start to your dream.

However, there are a few prerequisites that you must cater to before applying for a machinery loan. Let’s discuss.

  • Identify your business needs – You must be well-informed about your exact business requirements. If you have an existing setup of machinery, you must first check its output capacity and gauge the right amount of upgrade that it needs. Only then, you’d be able to assess its up-gradation costing. If you are willing to purchase machinery for your new business setup, you might as well do an exhaustive research on the right kind of equipment that will generate maximum productivity. Once you have identified that, avail a Machinery Loan.
  • Chalk out the space requirements – If you avail an equipment loan to purchase or lease machinery, you must be very sure about the space requirements that it demands. A hasty planning could lead to decreased productivity and a business downfall. It is advisable to prepare a blueprint for where you will place the new machinery. Do not compromise on the proper allocation of space at any cost.
  • Understand your machinery requirement – Once you have decided on the type of machinery that suits your business the best, take a call on the state and kind of the same. Used machinery could be a viable option for you if it has been maintained properly in the past. It would not cost you a lump sum. However, if you want to install machines that shall run for years smoothly, you must opt for new machinery.
  • Plan your machinery financing – You can avail a machinery loan under two options, where the lender offers you the loan at a standard term or a business line of credit. If you are sure about the cost of machinery, go for a standard loan. A standard term loan would be divided into equal EMIs that you can repay over specific tenure.
  • Calculate your EMIs – You must understand the rate of interest and plan your EMIs accordingly.
  • Choose your repayment tenure wisely – Get a machinery loan that allows you to repay the loan amount at a longer tenure.

A Machinery Loan, lent by TAB Capital, an online lending FinTech NBFC, is a specialized loan for MSMEs, which can help you purchase the right equipment for your enterprise. Now that you have reviewed our checklist thoroughly, you may apply for a machinery loan in no time!


Follow these 6 simple steps and get the best online Chartered Accountant loan

Scaling up your professional career as a Chartered Accountant towards greater goals is not an easy task to accomplish. Once you learn the nips and tricks of excelling in your field of expertize, you have to make sure the inflow and outflow of cash in the process is taken care of. Sometimes, monetary hits are difficult to cope with. However, with TAB Capital Limited’s Digital Lending Platform getting things fixed and progressing with confidence is doable. Accessing finance easily through an online Chartered Accountant loan can make your stint convenient and hassle free.

Let’s look at 6 important steps to get a Chartered Accountant loan online.

  1. Understand your loan requirements – It is very important to understand the exact purpose of the loan. Chalk out the amount of money you need, the type of loan and repayment tenure that suits you the best. Once you have assessed all of these, you can avail a Chartered Accountant Loan without any uncertainty.
  2. Research on the available loan providers – Although you can avail CA loans from banks, financial institutions and NBFCs, it would cost you a tedious amount of effort. Availing an online CA loan can be the easiest and fastest process. Look for the best online loan providers and pick the one that suits your needs the best. TAB capital Limited offers you CA Loan without any collateral and disburses the funds in less than 2 working days.
  3. Check the eligibility criteria – It is necessary to go through the eligibility checklist before you reach out to a loan provider. Not everyone can avail a CA loan. So, checking the eligibility criteria ensures that your loan application will not be rejected. It is advisable to do your homework before you apply for the CA loan.
  4. Assort and arrange the required documents – It is obligatory to assort and arrange all the required documents that you need for submission before you avail a CA loan. Every loan binds you in a legal contract, and the deal is sealed only when your paperwork is error-free and all in place. Some of these documents are your identity proof, address proof, educational qualification certificates, bank statements and salary slips.
  5. Compare the rates of interest for CA loan – Besides paying the loan, you have to pay an additional interest after you avail a CA loan. Since this is an additional outflow of cash, you must do a thorough research of the rates of interest levied by different loan providers. TAB Capital Limited offers attractive interest rates to customers from time-to-time.
  6. Apply for a CA Loan online – If you have assessed all the aforesaid points and shortlisted your loan provider, it’s time to apply for the CA loan online. Online application is the most seamless process that you can opt for. Simply upload all the required documents through TAB Capital Limited’s Online Lending Platform and wait for the approval. Once it is approved, you can receive your funds within 2 working days.

TAB Capital, a leading Digital Lending FinTech NBFC is the solution to all your financial problems. With no collateral and attractive interest rates, you can expand your CA business without any monetary hassles.