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Blog - Here is why Two-wheelers are better than Four-Wheelers

Here’s why Two-Wheelers are better than Four-Wheelers

Two Wheeler vs Four Wheeler! This battle between the two most preferred modes of personal commute has been a prolonged matter of debate up until now. While four-wheelers are more accommodative in terms of space and security, two-wheelers are upping the game currently, because of its element of thrill and agility. Sales in the two-wheeler market have seen a value-worthy spike in recent times. Going by the trend, it can be inferred that more and more buyers are purchasing two-wheelers due to its affordability and convenience.  Not only does it come easier on pocket as compared to cars, but also brings in perks of sustainable fuel technology and low maintenance costs. Moreover, two wheeler loans readily available in the market have increased buyers’ purchasing power, thereby extending to them a quick-fix to fight discomfort while traveling on roads.

Here are the 7 factors which determine the worth and credibility of a two-wheeler over a four-wheeler.

  1. Ride under the sky – The most thrilling experience of riding a bike is riding under the sky, feeling the gush of wind slash across your body, and watch what’s happening around through a helmet glass. It indeed is worth a lot more than driving from within a closed cabin.
  2. Save the toll taxes – What’s better than saving the money that you were ought to pay at the toll station had you owned a four-wheeler? You can enjoy a tax-free ride on your two-wheeler, and save every penny to pay off your bike loan.
  3. Enjoy perks of affordability – A bike shall always cost you less than a car. At a lesser amount of money you can get a great mileage and keep up with the maintenance costs from time to time. A car demands a lot more attention monetarily.
  4. Feel the thrill and beat the stress – How about bike riding on the mountain trails or gliding your way on the highway? The extraordinary scenic beauty can be felt to its fullest when you ride your two-wheeler; keeping up with the risk prevention measures and safety protocols of course. Carry your biking gears with you, feel the thrill and beat the day long stress!
  5. No parking hassles – Bikes take up smaller spaces for parking. Cars are bigger in size. So, parking a car is a big hassle, especially on busy days. But with a bike, you do not really need to worry about the parking while you are out. You can park it anywhere as far as it is compliant.
  6. Suits every road type – Scared of the potholes on the road? Or the narrow by-lines of the city? There’s nothing to be worried about as long as you’re gliding your way, cutting through the traffic and the potholes, on your bike. Cars are more prone to get stuck in traffic, and let aside the damages caused by potholes! They affect your bank balance exorbitantly.
  7. Value your time – Everyone hates traffic! But your two-wheeler hates it the most; precisely why it navigates your way even through the smallest of gaps and helps you save your valuable time.

So, if you’re willing to purchase a two-wheeler anytime soon, you know all the right reasons to invest in it!

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