All that you need to know before buying a Bike

Bikes are a relief especially when you are hustling to reach somewhere, cutting through excessive traffic on Indian roads. Not only can you curb your costs while commuting in public transport, but also find quicker solutions to being ‘stuck in traffic’. However, there comes a lot of responsibility when you bring your dream bike home. Riding necessitates sharp riding skills, blended with a sense of control, quick reflexes and ability to handle dangerous circumstances. With the two-wheeler bandwagon flooding Indian markets, it becomes extremely crucial for you to understand what type of bike shall serve your purpose, what are its key features and what are the bike finance options available in the market today. In this comprehensive guide, we shall help you choose a bike that is the best-suited for you.

Standard Bikes, Mopeds and Scooters

If you are looking for a bike that would help you run your daily errands, standard bikes and scooters are what you should go for. These bikes are stacked with features that help you ride comfortably. For instance, an upright seating structure, moderate engine sizes, user-friendly and functional design, and proper placement of handle bars and foot pegs. Standard bikes, mopeds and scooters are an ideal choice especially for beginners, and generally do not pose a threat while you’re still in a learning process.

Key Features

Let us now look at some of the primary features of these standard bikes, mopeds and scooters that you must take into consideration before purchasing your set of wheels.

Engine Size – Engines are measured in cubic centimeters. It is the volume inside the engine where air and fuel is combined to power a bike. It is advisable to go for a bike with higher number of CCs because it has a bigger engine with more power and faster speeds.

Mileage – Good mileage is economical, and one of the highest priority of a regular bike-rider. On an average, standard bikes provide 35kmpl to 40kmpl mileage.

Height of Seat – Your feet must touch the ground while you stop riding the bike. If that doesn’t happen, the height is too tall for you.

Weight of Bike – Make sure the bike’s weight does not become too heavy for you. The heavier it is, the more uncomfortable it becomes for you to ride it.

New vs. Used – If you think buying a used bike could save you some money; always remember that you might have to spend lump sums in its repair and other additional maintenance. If you can afford a new bike, you must always go for a new one. Bike loans have become readily available these days. However, it is advisable to study the available options in the money lending sector, so as to make the right decision before opting for a two-wheeler loan.

Other important things to remember before purchasing your Bike

Research – Do your own research to understand the different process offered by dealers in the market. You must not accept anything at face value, and always ask for a proper price breakup which includes RTO expenses, insurance, etc.

Insurance – Indian roads have witnessed some of the deadliest accidents. To make sure, you have a safe ride while commuting, buying insurance is a must! Insurance can save you and your property from unforeseen circumstances while riding. It helps you evade the financial impacts of damage caused to the third parties.

Proper Documentation – If you are a responsible rider, you must always have all the proper documents in place. Get a two-wheeler driving license mandatorily. Carry the other important documents such as RC, PUC and Insurance certificate while you are riding your bike.

Proper Safety Gear – Get a set of riding gear for yourself – a helmet for sure, and a jacket and a pair of gloves if necessary.

Learning road rules – It is very important to learn the rules of road, hand signals and their importance while riding a two-wheeler. You must always comply with the traffic rules.

Financing your Bike

Now, if you are willing to buy a new bike, and do not have sufficient finances for it, let us tell you that achieving that dream is still possible.

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