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The Role Played By Fintech NBFC In Transforming MSME Finance!

According to the NASSCOM Start-up report in November 2017, India is currently the world’s 3rd largest start up ecosystem! Against the backdrop of a booming entrepreneurship atmosphere, and thousands of small businesses getting added every year in myriad different industries and sectors, the demand for Fintech NBFC or in other words MSME finance has reached […]

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machinery loan

How to refinance your machinery in just 3 steps

Getting a loan for a used machinery / equipment that you already possess may seem a bit difficult. Applying for Refinance on existing machinery means applying for funds against the asset that is held in the name of the enterprise/business in question or even the owners/directors of the same. This refinancing loan for equipment is […]

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5 Things about Machinery Loan

5 Things You Should Know About Machinery Loan

What comes to your mind when you think of a machinery loan? The name of this loan is pretty indicative about what it really means, i.e. it is a machinery purchases loan for businesses, MSMEs and other manufacturing/services companies. A machinery purchase loan is basically called a machinery loan in contemporary financial parlance. It has […]

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