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5 Goals to Achieve with a Small Business Loan

Business problems are inherent in every business journey – 8 out of 10 problems are said to have stemmed from the lack of finances in the business structure. However, with the emergence of digital lenders such as TAB Capital, small businesses are turning to unsecured business loan for financial support, in times of severe cash crunch.

A small business loan not only helps you fix the financial stability of your business, but also backs your capability to resolve other business issues. The money borrowed for a business purpose through a small business loan has no restrictions in terms of usability, as long as it caters to your business purposes ONLY. So, to shoot up your business growth to newer levels of success, it is extremely crucial to chalk out a strategic plan before putting the money at work.

Let us look at the top 5 goals you can achieve with your small business loans.

  • Purchasing Equipment – The right equipment can help you stay prone to business downturns. Along with improving your business efficiency and ability to innovate, it also helps you escalate production cycles. Unlike large scale business setups, small businesses face severe challenges when it comes to purchasing machinery for upgrading business performance.  But the good news is that small business loans, specifically targeted at SME and MSME needs, are emerging as the best financing option for small businesses in unfavorable situations.
  • Business Expansion – Business expansion is a crucial benchmark to achieve, especially when you are still finding your ground to make a mark in the market. Hasty decisions to scale up operations typically backfire! So, before you start crossing the line to make new amends in your business setup, make sure you have a sturdy plan of action in hand. You can go ahead with a small business loan thereafter. It might just turn around the financial future of your company!
  • Inventory – If your business is faltering in terms of turnaround and output, it is time to invest in good inventory. There is no alternative to purchasing adequate inventory so as to push sales and business growth. So, if you are looking to scale up your business operations, inventory is the primary asset that you should invest in before anything else.
  • Operational costs – If you think that your business is prone to facing a sudden turn down due to lack of operational efficiency, you may consider taking a small business loan right at the moment. From paying electricity bills to employees’ salaries, a small business loan can help you resolve all these issues.
  • Grab new business opportunities – Opportunities always do not come knocking at your door. But when they do, make sure you do not miss out on them. Say you’ve cracked a deal that can create a big difference for your company in the long run. But you are falling short of the right amount of inventory and equipment. Would you be willing to give up on a golden chance? Opting for a small business loan and accomplishing all your targets would mean a lot more than regretting over a ship that has already sailed! Right?

No matter what, money should always be handled carefully. Only then, can it bring back greater returns to you in the long run.  So, plan your approach as per your business interests and never go overboard.

TAB Capital offers customer-friendly Online Business Loan to small businesses without any collateral. With TAB Capital’s revolutionized digital lending system, you can apply for an unsecured business loan from the comfort of your home, and enjoy optimum benefits of attractive interest rates, maximum loan amount, flexible repayment tenure and superfast loan disbursal!

To apply for an unsecured business loan with TAB Capital, Click below on Apply online.

Business Credit Scores

All You Need To Know About Business Credit Scores

Business credit scores are fundamental in assessing a business’s credit-worthiness. Having a good business credit score helps financial institutions measure the credibility of a business, and extend business loans to them in times of need. Not only do quick finances come handy, but business reputes are also established in the longer run. So, it is always advisable to check your personal and business credit score from time to time to keep a check on your financial position.

How is a Business Credit Score calculated?

A business credit score is calculated based on the company’s credit report. It typically ranges from 0 – 100, and sometimes, also reaches as high as 1800, depending on the type of score.

There are 3 major credit reporting agencies which assess business credit scores. They are Equifax, Experian and Dun & Bradstreet. Each of these agencies has a different approach in computing business credit scores. Most likely, all these agencies extract heavy information from a business’s payment history to suppliers, lenders and creditors.

Let us now understand how each credit bureau calculates a business credit score.

Equifax Business Credit Score

Equifax offers three types of business credit scores, which include Payment Index, Credit Risk Score, and Business Failure Score.

  • Payment Index – The Payment Index is measured on a scale of 100, which reflects the total number of on-time payments made by a company. This type of credit score does not predict the future behavior.
  • Credit Risk Score – Varying from 101-992, this type of score shows how likely a company is expected to become negligent in making payments. It measures the company size, the available credit limits, the tenure of the oldest financial account opened, and invoices of delinquent non-financial transactions.
  • Business Failure Score – Ranging between 1000 and 1800, the Business Failure Score measures the possibility which suggests a business’s final break down. It relies on records which testify the company’s worst payment statuses and credit utilization.

Experian Business Credit Score

Experian’s Business Credit Score pertains to extracting crucial information related to the company’s creditworthiness, such as payment trends, account histories, public records, etc. Some factors which come into account are business time, lines of credit, amounts collected, payment history, available credit, late payments and non-net-30 lines of credit.

Dun & Bradstreet Credit Score

This uses three kinds of risk measurement, which are PAYDEX score, Credit score and Financial Stress score. The Paydex score, ranging between 0 and 100, is based on collated payment data. This data is used to understand a business credit score. Credit Score on the other hand is measured from 1 to 5, with 1 being the best score. This type of score pits a company against the others who’ve had a similar payment history in the past. Lastly, the Financial Stress score matches a business with other companies which share similar business and financial characteristics. It reflects how often a business makes on time vs default payments in comparison to others.

How can you check your Business Credit Score?

It is important to check your credit score before you apply for a business loan. Simply get a copy of your business report from any of the above listed agencies in lieu of a fee, and understand your credit-worthiness.

Key Takeaway

If your business credit score reflects your company’s financial stability, you may opt for an online business loan without any collateral, exclusively with TAB Capital. Get a maximum loan amount of up to Rs.50 Lakh with benefits of minimum paper work, swift online application, attractive interest rates, long repayment tenure and super-fast loan disbursal!

To apply for an unsecured business loan with TAB Capital click below button.

POS Machine Benifits

Top 5 Reasons to use POS Machine in Retailer Shops

Running a retail business is not an easy feat. The enumerable challenges that come your way while handling a business are quite cumbersome. From managing inventory to tracking analytics and sales, a business that does not operate through the internet, is often prone to greater risks in terms of business monitoring and customer satisfaction. No matter how big a business is, adopting a retail POS system can streamline the entire business process, thereby giving way to a healthy amalgamation between manpower and automation. Gone are the days when you do all the billing manually and provide your customers with printed bills. In the present era of digitization, people are turning towards cashless digital transactions; and to make sure that your customer base does not get affected due to a lack of credit/debit card purchases, you must get a Point-of-Sale-System right away! Furthermore, if anytime soon you are gearing for a business scale-up, a POS Machine can also help you avail the various benefits of a Merchant Cash Advance or Loan against POS Machine Transactions.

Here is a list of the top 5 reasons that testify the importance of POS Machines in small trader shops.

  • Quick, unerring billing system– Nowadays, handheld billing systems like tablets and smartphones are in vogue. Accessing the POS system through a small icon that sits in your smartphone is also possible today. This is the ideal method to bill customers without any errors, especially for small-scale businesses. For instance, if you have a website and your POS system is integrated with the same, you shall get notified whenever a customer makes an online purchase. The same mechanism can be implemented if you set up a pop-up store in the local market. Smart credit card readers can leverage your sales through debit and credit card purchases made by customers. Since POS systems give error-free results and support all modes of payment, i.e., cash, cheques, etc., your customers shall be well-served and you would automatically increase your customer base rapidly.
  • Proper Inventory management– A small-scale trader needs to stay updated on how much inventory he has, how much has moved out of the store, and how much more does he need. A traditional stock management technique mandates the trader to go through the tedious process of validating stocks on a regular basis. Often, executing a manual counting and paperwork brings in loopholes. The trader has to go through a laborious process when numbers do not match. POS system simplifies this process, and automates the entire work for you. All that you need to do is scan the barcode, enter the count, and specify the price of the product. The POS system keeps a track of your entire inventory, notifies you when you are running low on stock, helps you create purchase orders and keeps a daily count of the on-hand inventory.
  • No fear of theft– Small trade shops are mostly vulnerable to customer and employee thefts. Monitoring inventory can get easier with the installation of a POS system in your store. It gives you a stronger control on your items, and helps you protect your store against shoplifters.
  • Provide affordable offers– It is very important for a retailer to know which of his products are only consuming shelf space. Estimating the prices of these items can be made easy with the help of a POS system. This cloud based POS Machine can give you an in-depth detail of the items in your stock, and render an insightful analysis, based on which you can come up with attractive deals and offers.
  • Track Customer data– Even though you run a small business, you need to track your customer behaviour, and generate leads for new customers. POS machines can help you collect email IDs, and other relevant customer information, through which you can send them daily newsletters and gift cards. You can also set up a loyalty programme, and keep a record of their favourite product purchases.

Adhering to the above-stated reasons, it is fair to say that implementing a POS system in your business shall not only help you execute your daily tasks smartly, but also keep you equipped for a business expansion in the future. Getting loans against POS Machine transactions is simpler because your credit card sales history backs your competency in repaying the loan in future, and you keep working towards achieving greater sales effortlessly.

Merchant Cash Advance is a unique offering by TAB Capital, which gives small-scale retailers an opportunity to convert future POS card swipes into current cash flows. Apply now to get a loan amount of up to Rs. 1 crore in just 2 days!

Merchant Cash Advance and Business Loan

How Merchant Cash Advance differs from a Business Loan

Are you in need of working capital for scaling up your business? If yes, we shall walk you through the two financing options, Merchant Cash Advance or Loan against POS Machine Card Swipes and Business Loan – pitted against each other, which in turn would help you, take a decision. Although structured very differently, both of these finance products provide small to medium scale businesses with interim funds. Entrepreneurs can utilize this amount to purchase equipment, process payrolls, expand operations and so on. But, how they differ from each other is a crucial area of study, especially for entrepreneurs who are looking for suitable business finance modules.

Let us now understand the key differences between the Merchant Cash Advance and Business Loan.

CostsMerchant Cash AdvanceBusiness Loan
FunctionalityLoan in Return for a Percentage of Daily Credit Card Sales Loan in Return for Fixed Monthly Payments
Maturity DateVariableFixed
Repayment ScheduleVariable Amount – Depends on a Percentage of Daily Credit Card SalesFixed Amount – Depends on summation of Principal and Interest
Primary QualificationsCredit Card Sale History and Personal Credit ScoreAnnual Revenue and Personal Credit Score
Time to Funding1 to 3+ days1 to 3+ days
Maximum Loan AmountUp to 1 crore (Typically up to 200% monthly Credit Card Sales)Up to 1 crore

What is a Business Loan?

A business loan comes with an interest rate and an interest period. The total interest rate and repayment period would determine how much you need to pay back for taking out the loan. The higher the rate of interest, the more you’ll pay to borrow the money. Let’s just say, it typically works like a car loan or a mortgage loan. A business loan can be repaid on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, but the entire amount has to be mandatorily paid off by the fixed date of maturity.

Pros of Business Loans

  • Lower Overall Cost
  • Fixed amount of repayment
  • Specified term of repayment
  • Scope of earlier repayment

Cons of Business Loans

  • Stringent eligibility criterion
  • Requires good personal credit score
  • No variable repayment

When should you go for a Business Loan?

Business loans are ideal for businesses which are NOT seasonal (for e.g. food trucks, outdoor adventure business, fireworks retailers, etc.), and do not have high credit card sales. Here’s when you should go for business loans:

  • You have a good credit score
  • You run a profitable business
  • You need a large amount of capital
  • You are looking for stable repayment terms

What is Merchant Cash Advance?

A Merchant Cash Advance doesn’t loan you money in its literal sense. A lender who provides you with a Loan against POS Machine Card Swipes, pre-purchases some of your credit card sales, and therefore advances money to you. So, the lender owns a part of your future sales and gets his money back from those sales. Unlike business loans, MCAs do not come with a rate of interest, or a fixed repayment period. Instead, the lender recovers the principal amount and the profits earned by acquiring a percentage of your credit card sales every day, unless you’ve repaid the balance and greed upon fee. This percentage is called the ‘holdback percentage’. It is mostly constant throughout the life of an MCA, but credit card receipts vary with each passing day, and therefore, the daily repayable amount becomes variable. However, most MCAs are repaid within a span of 6 to 18 months.

Pros of Merchant Cash Advance

  • Flexible eligibility criterion
  • Sales based repayment
  • No fixed repayment term

Cons of Merchant Cash Advance

  • Difficulty in budgeting
  • No scope of early repayment

When should you go for a Merchant Cash Advance?

MCAs or Loan against POS Machine Card Swipes are the ideal choice of businesses that leverage a high volume of credit card sales. Here’s when you should go for Merchant Cash Advance:

  • You do not want a loan on your credit history
  • You run a seasonal business
  • You are an online merchant who receives high advance amount in return of a small portion of your daily credit card receipts

Qualifications for a Business Loan and Merchant Cash Advance

Typically, a merchant cash advance provider pays more heed to a company’s credit card sales, and a business loan lender is more concerned with the company’s total revenues.

Let us understand the primary differences between the qualifications for these business finance options.

Typical QualificationsMerchant Cash AdvanceBusiness Loan
Credit Score650+650+
Time in Business1 year1 year
Revenue10 lakhs + yearly Card Sales15 lakhs + Per Year

Costs associated with Business Loan and Merchant Cash Advance

It is very important to understand the costs associated with finance modules such as business loan and loans against POS Machine Card Swipes. Look at the differences below:

CostsMerchant Cash AdvanceBusiness Loan
ROIStarts from 12% p.a.Starts from 12% p.a.


Whereas Business Loans continue to be the first choice of large-scale businesses, Merchant Cash Advance has emerged as the ideal pick for entrepreneurs who run small businesses, especially in the restaurant, retail and trade sectors. Since Digital India has revolutionized the exchange of plastic money (POS Machine Card Swipes), businesses looking to satisfy small scale operations should ideally opt for Merchant Cash Advance financing.

TAB Capital Ltd. offers an advance of up to 1 crore to small businesses, with minimum process documentation and quick loan disbursal. To know more about the TAB Capital Ltd.’s Loan against POS Machine Card Swipes scheme, visit here

unsecured business loan, Merchant Cash Advance

Merchant Cash Advance – The Latest Trend in MSME Finance!

What is Merchant Cash Advance?

Merchant Cash Advance is a new type of funding designed specifically for small businesses which do a lot of business through card transactions and is in need of some funds on an urgent basis. A funding culture that is widely in vogue in the US and Canada for a long time now, is now getting popular in India primarily for its simplicity and convenience in raising funds by a small business. A Merchant Cash Advance, simply put, is a Loan made to merchants by lenders against their future card payment receivables. Thus, it is either a loan against POS machine Card transaction or MCA.

Why is it an ideal funding option?

Businesses operating in the MSME space, i.e. Micro, small and medium enterprises often lack organized finance options and resort to borrowing from friends and family when urgently in need of cash. For such businesses, provided they have a regular income inflow through card transactions, merchant cash advance is fast becoming an ideal way of funding – Simple, Fast and Convenient!

How does it work?

Let’s take an example to understand this…

If you are a company who has a lot of customers buying products online or offline using their cards, you can take a Business Loan, or a loan against POS machine, against the future business that you will get through such credit card swipes. The lender would give you the loan, which is then paid off automatically over a period of time, when the lender takes a percentage of your daily credit card transaction receipts.

The loan amount that a business can get is determined by its average Debit/credit card sales/transactions which is assessed from their income flow of the previous 6 months. The lender usually ties up with the card payment processor so that the decided percentage of the card sales of the merchant is transferred directly to them. The repayment period starts immediately after the loan is disbursed and ranges from 180 to 360 days. Naturally higher percentage calls for shorter time duration and vice versa.

Merchant Cash Advance – Benefits

A plethora of reasons make loan against card swipe a very attractive MSME finance option. These are:

  • Ease of Application – Just an online form to be filled up and documents such as bank a/c statement, card processing statement etc uploaded
  • Quick Processing – Fintech NBFC financers such as TAB Capital LTD is known for using state-of-the-art technology so that loans can be disbursed within 2 days.
  • Eligibility – More focus on card transaction history
  • Collateral – No collaterals required.
  • Loan Limits – Higher borrowing limits provided than banks
  • Repayment – Since repayment is a certain percentage of your future card receipts, repayment is pretty flexible without any extra pressure on the merchant.

To know more Click Here

Merchant Cash Advance – A Simple & Convenient Finance Option


How a Business Loan help you to boost your Restaurant Business

How a Business Loan help you to boost your Restaurant Business

The restaurant business is one of the worthwhile occupation in the current scenario. Food service industry is in full force with the changing economics and lifestyles. However, one needs to understand that the nature of the cash requirement in a restaurant business is quite different. Just to keep the place open with the given menu and the staff needs certain financial standing before any trade takes place. Thus, one can say, a restaurant of today needs financial assistance not today, but yesterday. And, this makes way for the definite route that the ‘prerequisite loan’ reaches the business, namely, merchant cash advance or loan against POS machine.

Merchant Cash Advance: Working Capital Loan for Restaurants

Merchant cash advance lets the business borrow money without collateral. It is one of the best methods of bringing in finance for restaurants which regularly use credit/debit card transaction through POS machine as a standard method of payment.

A merchant cash advance can be of good use for restaurateurs who want to carry on the business with better prospects. So, let’s have a look at the varied purposes for which such cash can come handy.

Renewal or Restoration: The business is up-and-coming and there is an urgent need to improve or expand merchant cash advance rushes to the rescue. One can carry out the repairs or even consider building a new facility with the extra cash. After all, land and building costs can add up to substantial expense.

Staff payments: Do you feel the need to recruit more chefs, cooks or waiters? Merchant cash advance can be effectively used to maintain/extend the employee number to support day-to-day activities in a restaurant.

Business Promotion: Different promotional campaigns are being carried out by innovative restaurateurs for bringing in more business. Restaurants are reaping in profits by hiring marketing agencies and paying them through the merchant cash advance. This step can significantly help to popularize a restaurant.

Kitchen Machinery: Equipment is an essential utility in a restaurant to speed as well as ease out the kitchen operations. Thus, one can take advantage of the ready cash through merchant cash advance to buy or repair kitchen equipment.

Inventory or stock: At times, restaurateurs feel the need for additional inventory in certain situations. The money to stock-up or fill up a restaurant’s inventory can be easily utilized from merchant cash advance.


Quick look at Features:

Normally, a restaurant business needs ‘ready cash’ routinely in order to function, maintain or stand up to the varied business needs, however, the fact is that the set-ups are not equipped to deal with such cash requirements.

In these conditions, availing a bank loan for money may sound tedious, time-consuming and impractical. But, a customized borrowing option like merchant cash advance is different. It offers the required money quickly (within 48 hrs), without the hassle of a collateral or the usual formalities.

TAB Capital Ltd. is a leading digital lending FinTech NBFC with distinct financial products for a variety of businesses. A merchant cash advance from TAB Capital Ltd. ensures transparency and minimum processing times.


Steps to Get the Merchant Cash Advance Online

  1. Fill the Online Application Form
  2. Upload your documents online
  3. Get funds in 48 hrs

You just have to follow these steps and you are on the way towards your dream fulfillment. Are you a restaurant owner facing similar issues? Inquire or Apply Online TAB Capital LTD

How to Pay using Aadhar Card

BHIM App: Digital Payment without Password, new way of life

On 8th November 2016 when Hon. PM Modi addressed the nation saying that from midnight Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes will cease from the transaction. New Rs. 500 and Rs. 2000 notes will enter in the market, “Demonetization was said to curb down illegal money lenders and hoarders.” Long queues outside ATMs and banks became a common sight, the morning walks were replaced by morning waiting outside banks. The deposit and withdraw became a major task for many households, for bankers, the main task became to watch out new RBI Manoeuvres.

Though the ghost of demonetization stills looms large for the common man, the small retailers moved towards cashless transaction with POS machine, Paytm payment app, mSwipe machine to ease the pain for the common man. This got the country moving towards the cashless economy in Tier-I cities and some parts of Tier-2 cities. The main problem lied now with the government to bring the whole Indian Population of 1.2 billion people on the cashless economy system. The villages are the major challenge which the government faced while trying to make the country cashless as most of the villagers can’t remember a password nor have used digital platform for payment.

The government went to its most daring projects of past, Aadhaar Card which is a single identification document will now become the single document for payment for any merchant. Aadhaar card which has connected more than 93 percent adults of India to a database with demonetization, it can now become the government’s motive to bring everyone on Aadhaar platform. Almost 40 crores Indian adults have connected their bank accounts with Aadhaar, and till March 2017, the government plans to connect 70 crores adults with Aadhaar. The government has introduced Aadhaar based payment option, to ease the current problems faced by the Tier-3 city people and even to relieve the extra charge burden on common man.

Aadhaar based payment option which will eliminate the additional fees charged by various card companies. Merchants can download Aadhaar Cashless Merchant App which can be linked to biometric which is available for Rs. 2000; here is the procedure for Aadhaar Cashless Merchant App.

  1. - Enter the Aadhaar number of the customer.
  2. - Repayment depends on the business revenue.
  3. - Biometric scan.

- The payment will be done and directly added to merchants account linked with the app.

SBI has announced that it will adopt Shirki village in Pen taluka situated in the state of Maharashtra, where the bank wants to test Aadhaar Cashless Merchant App. The merchants are provided with Android smartphones and fingerprint scanner for digital payments. Initially many banks are going to roll out the program in stages in different villages before making it available for all.

Though the system is still in its embryonic stage, it will be a major game changer, a payment just with one card from any bank without any pin. This will be mainly benefit people from villages who can’t remember passwords or even illiterate people.

CA Abhay Bhutada, MD of TAB Capital Ltd., said, "Most villagers are not connected with online banking system; they visit the branch for cash withdrawing and deposit. This move will greatly help the villagers. After demonetization, villages faced a lot of problems; wherein they had to visit the banks on a daily basis as the daily cash withdrawal limit was low and many didn’t know how to make card payments."

"Aadhaar based payment system is similar to POS machine transaction only that it will be much simpler and faster. Even bring the merchants on cashless transaction economy, which will enable them to apply for Merchant Cash Advance."

How to avail Loan against POS Machine Transactions

Quick Loan Against POS Machine Card Swipes – Merchant Cash Advance

Cashless transaction process has revolutionized the world for both businesses and consumers in the last decade. With the new demonetization step by the government has promoted many businesses to shift towards cashless transaction using Point-of-Sale (POS) machine. Now to avail any service, the consumer can use POS machine for a cashless transaction. Every POS machine generates transaction slip, which can help you raise working capital. In Merchant Cash Advance, your monthly sales statement will help you to raise funds.

What is Merchant Cash Advance (MCA)?

A merchant cash advance is a financing option for small businesses using the plastic money for the daily business transaction. In MCA loan you will gain an upfront working capital in exchange for a percentage of Future POS machine sales revenue.

How different is Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) from other business loans?

Merchant Cash Advance depends on your daily business transaction through plastic cards. If you are trader or retailer looking to make infrastructural changes, seeking to increase your stock for the festive season, it’s beneficial to go for MCA. MCA will give you the benefits of fast loan approval and flexible repayment option.

How can I avail a Merchant Cash Advance?

THREE EASY STEPS to avail Merchant Cash Advance from TAB Capital Ltd.

  1. Complete the Online Application for Merchant Cash Advance.
  2. Scan the documents and upload them.
  3. Get the loan approved

At TAB Capital Ltd., we care for your business, so to help you facilitate business growth we provide easy and digital way to apply for merchant cash advance. The loan will be disbursed within two working days, and we give you an easy repayment option.

Features of Merchant Cash Advance

    1. Loan amount ranges from minimum Rs.1 lakh to maximum Rs 1.5 Crores

Traditional banks are not generous enough to provide small retailers with loans up to 1.5 crores on simple POS machine statements. Here at TAB Capital Ltd, we have high loan approval rate, where every business gets a fair chance to avail a loan.

    1. No Collateral Security

At TAB Capital Ltd., we trust our customers to the core. You just have to provide us with 6 month POS machine transaction statement.

    1. Higher loan eligibility

We provide high loan eligibility compared to other financial Institutions.

Benefits of Merchant Cash Advance

    1. Quick Approval for a loan

Loan amount up to Rs 1.5 crores is approved and disbursed within 2 business days. This is the best aspect of merchant cash advance; wherein you don’t have to wait for months to obtain a merchant cash advance.

    1. Repayment depends on the business revenue

Typically, loan repayment duration is decided by the amount lent, but in a merchant cash advance, your business revenue determines it. You will get flexible repayment options – daily, weekly, and fortnightly as per business model requirement.

Eligibility for Loan

  1. Annual business turnover equal to Rs. 15 lakhs or more.
  2. Business stability for one year.

Documents Required

  1. Minimum Six months of POS transaction and one year of bank statements.
  2. KYC Documents.
  3. Income Documents: – Last 2 years ITR, Computational Sheet, Balance Sheet, and Profit & Loss accounts. (Applicant, Co-Applicant and Firm)
  4. Last one-year bank statements of POS machine transaction.
  5. Details of all existing loans.
  6. Brief profile of Company/Firm and Promoters.