Get Swift, Efficient and Flexible Loans in Bangalore

TAB Capital Limited offers various strategically tailored loan products to suit the needs of citizens in Bangalore, which is the IT Capital of the country. We have Machinery Loan in Bangalore for those who are looking to upgrade/purchase new equipment or even refinance their existing equipment. We also offer Unsecured Business Loan in Bangalore for those who need to expand their businesses, spend on customer acquisition and meet capital based needs. Businesses and MSME's can also avail of a Working Capital Loan in Bangalore which helps them take care of their working capital requirements in a very flexible manner.

The Merchant Cash Advance in Bangalore is a special kind of Loan that offers funding to traders, retailers, and businesses based on the POS machine transactions, i.e. businesses which accept payments through credit/debit cards. We also have Loan Against Property in Bangalore where you can get up to 80% of the value of the property along with convenient tenures up to 5 years. There is also the Loan for Chartered Accountant in Bangalore or basically the Loan to Professionals in Bangalore. We offer flexible and Unsecured Professional Loans for practising professionals like doctors, architect and chartered accountants looking to grow their practices.

TAB Capital Limited Offers loans at attractive rates of interest in Bangalore. Being a digital lending pioneer, TAB Capital makes it possible to apply for Loans online along with uploading all required documents in quick time. Thereafter, our swift processing and verification methods make it possible to disburse the loan amount to your account within only 2 working days! These are the major benefits of applying for loans at TAB Capital Limited in Bangalore.

Unsecured Business Loan

TAB Capital Limited offers a suitably tailored Unsecured Business Loan in Bangalore which will help MSMEs meet their financial needs without having to restrict themselves for new business opportunities/business expansion due to lack of necessary capital. Bangalore being one of the country’s major commercial centres, is home to many small and medium enterprises. We offer a beneficial Business Loan in Bangalore which will help these MSMEs to attain financial independence by emphasizing on expansion, upgradation and even taking care of inventory or working capital based needs.

Our Loan for SME in Bangalore is sanctioned up to Rs. 1 crore and the interest rates are attractive. Our multi-purpose Loan for MSME in Bangalore also comes with several other benefits including fast disbursal within 2 working days, zero pre-payment charges, and no collateral. This makes it convenient for small businesses to pursue their dreams and objectives with as minimal a burden as possible.

Machinery/Equipment Purchase Loan

Every business needs to upgrade machinery and equipment in order to increase output, stay more productive and expand in response to growing demand. However, lack of funds may often be a big problem when it comes to achieving this objective. TAB Capital Limited offers an attractive Machinery Loan in Bangalore, which helps companies and manufacturing units take care of equipment/machinery purchase requirements in a hassle-free manner.

You can easily get a Machinery Purchase Loan in Bangalore approved within quick time by applying online and then getting funds disbursed within just 2 working days! Our Loan for Machinery Purchase in Bangalore is not just extended for buying new equipment but also for refinance of existing machinery/equipment. We offer swift Loans to MSMEs so that their production is not hampered in the quest to buy new equipment. Loan amount up to 90% of equipment/machinery value are provided along with attractive interest rates and zero collateral.

Working Capital Loans

Working Capital is the basic need for most businesses when it comes to taking care of operational expenditure, day-to-day requirements, salaries and other expenses. Many a time, working capital deficits lead to constrained business productivity and growth overall. TAB Capital Limited helps you override this situation with a suitably tailored Working Capital Loan in Bangalore.

Companies in the city can now avail of Working Capital Loans for Small Business at really attractive interest rates and raise funds to take care of all their immediate needs. We offer Working Capital Financing in Bangalore with several benefits including zero pre-payment charges, convenient tenures, and Loan amounts up to Rs. 1 crore. Our fast online application, approval and verification procedure is supplemented by fund disbursal within just 2 working days to help businesses get the maximum benefits.

Merchant Cash Advance

Traders, retailers, and merchants often have issues getting funding to take care of operational expenditure, working capital needs, equipment/inventory led purchases and even future expansion. TAB Capital Limited has designed an exclusive Merchant Cash Advance. Merchants and traders can now obtain a Loan Against POS machine transactions in Bangalore.

Merchants in Bangalore usually accept debit/credit cards through POS machines for daily transactions and payments. The POS machine transactions can be a great way to raise funding for a variety of needs courtesy the Loan for Retailer in Bangalore provided by TAB Capital Limited. This innovatively structured Loan Against Card swipe in Bangalore comes with several benefits including zero collateral, tenures up to 3 years and Loan amount between Rs.2 lakhs-1 crore. There is swift processing and minimal documentation while funds are disbursed within 2 working days. This product will benefit traders, retailers, restaurant owners and other merchants in Bangalore.

Loan to Professional

TAB Capital Limited Offers Loan for Chartered Accountant in Bangalore. We offer hassle free Loan to Professionals in Bangalore including doctors, CAs and other self-employed professionals seeking to expand their practices, buy new equipment and boost their businesses in general. You can apply for a Loan based on your requirements and the professional practice that you are currently involved in.

Our Professional Loan in Bangalore comes without any collateral needs and we sanction Loans up to Rs.50 lakhs at attractive rates of interest. With convenient repayment tenures and zero pre-payment charges along with swift disbursal within 2 working days, these Loans are aimed at helping these individuals build up their practices without having to compromise for lack of funds. We also offer a moratorium period up to 1 year for practicing professionals among other advantages. You can easily apply online for an Unsecured Professional Loan in Bangalore.

Loan Against Property

Looking for a Loan Against Property in Bangalore? TAB Capital Limited offers a very convenient and attractive Loan that will help you harness the untapped value of your asset to raise funds for multiple needs including business expansion, taking care of immediate financial requirements and so on. Right from a Loan Against Industrial Property to a Loan Against Commercial Property in Bangalore and even Loans Against Residential Property, TAB Capital Limited is there to help you raise funds against whichever asset you own.

We offer Loans up to 80% of the property value which is a big USP and our repayment tenures are also convenient. We also offer attractive rates of interest along with disbursing finance within 2 working days after a swift approval and verification procedure.