Loans in Hyderabad are now swift, efficient and flexible

You can safely place your bets on TAB Capital Limited for a host of Loan products that have been strategically tailored to suit the needs of citizens in Hyderabad, one of the booming commercial centres of the country. If you are looking to upgrade/purchase new equipment or even refinance your existing equipment, our Machinery Loan in Hyderabad will be of great help. We also offer Unsecured Business Loan in Hyderabad which is primarily targeted at extending the necessary financial aid for expanding Businesses, spending on customer acquisition and meeting capital based needs. Businesses and MSMEs can also avail a Working Capital Loan in Hyderabad which will play a significant role in catering to their working capital requirements in a very flexible manner.

A special kind of loan amongst our offerings is the Merchant Cash Advance in Hyderabad that offers funding to traders, retailers, and Businesses based on the POS machine transactions, i.e. Businesses which accept payments through credit/debit cards. You can also opt for Loan Against Property in Hyderabad through which you can get up to 80% of the value of the property along with convenient tenures up to 5 years. There is also a Loan for Chartered Accountant in Hyderabad or basically the Loan to Professionals. Doctors, lawyers, and chartered accountants who are looking forward to giving an impetus to their practices can benefit immensely from our flexible and Unsecured Professional Loans.

TAB Capital is the best option for borrowers who seek Loans at attractive rates of interest in Hyderabad. This digital lending pioneer enables you to not only apply for Loans online but also upload all required documents within minutes. Once you are done with these preliminary steps, you can simply relax as our swift processing and verification methods ensure that the Loan amount is disbursed to your account within only 2 working days! These are amongst the major pros of applying for Loans at TAB Capital Limited in Hyderabad.

Unsecured Business Loan

TAB Capital Limited deserves a lot of credit for offering a suitably tailored Unsecured Business Loan in Hyderabad targeted to help MSMEs meet their financial needs without having to shirk for lack of capital. Hyderabad, in the recent years, has grown to be a breeding ground for innumerable enterprises, both small-scale as well as large-scale. Keeping the current commercial scenario in mind, we have designed a beneficial Business Loan in Hyderabad which will largely make these companies financially independent. This Loan emphasizes on expansion, up-gradation and even taking care of inventory or working capital based needs.

You can also have a Loan for SME sanctioned up to a maximum amount of Rs. 1 crore, with the interest rates being very attractive. There are also several other benefits to be expected from our multi-purpose Loan for MSME in Hyderabad, including fast disbursal within 2 working days, zero pre-payment charges, and no collateral. No wonder it is being looked upon as a highly convenient option for small Businesses which can now pursue their dreams and objectives without having to compromise due to financial hurdles.

Machinery/Equipment Purchase Loan

It is imperative for every Business to upgrade Machinery and equipment as it allows them to increase output, stay more productive and expand in response to growing demand. However, lack of sufficient funds poses a threat to attaining this objective. This is where TAB Capital Limited comes into play by offering an attractive Machinery Loan in Hyderabad which helps companies and manufacturing units take care of equipment/Machinery purchase needs in a completely seamless and smooth manner.

You can get Machinery Purchase Loan in Hyderabad approved within a very short span of time by applying online after which funds will be disbursed within just 2 working days! Our Loan for Machinery Purchase can be utilized for buying new equipment as well as for refinancing existing machinery/equipment. Our aim is to make sure that the quest to buy new equipment never comes in the way of production and hence, we have designed the swift Loans to MSMEs. It provides Loan amount up to 90% of equipment/Machinery value along with compelling interest rates and zero collateral.

Working Capital Loans

Needless to say, Working Capital is the basic need for most businesses as it plays an indispensable role in taking care of operational expenditure, day-to-day requirements, salaries and other expenses. Consequently, deficits in working capital often invite undesirable consequences such as constraints in Business productivity and growth overall. TAB Capital Limited promises to be by your side with a suitably tailored Working Capital Loan in Hyderabad.

Companies in the city can now avail of Working Capital Loans for small Business at really attractive interest rates. We offer Working Capital financing in Hyderabad with several benefits including zero pre-payment charges, convenient tenures, and Loan amounts up to Rs. 1 crore. Meeting all their immediate needs should no longer be a pestering concern for the companies, thanks to TAB Capital Limited. Fast online application, approval and verification procedure along with fund disbursal within just 2 working days are some of the benefits promised by us that help Businesses make the most of the opportunities.

Merchant Cash Advance

Operational expenditure, working capital needs, equipment/inventory led purchases and future expansion are some of the areas where traders, retailers, and merchants tackle difficulties with regard to obtaining funds. However, now you can heave a sigh of relief as TAB Capital Limited has designed an exclusive Merchant Cash Advance, through which merchants and traders can now apply for a Loan against POS in Hyderabad.

Merchants in Hyderabad usually accept debit/credit cards through POS machines for daily transactions and payments. The POS machine transactions can be a great way to raise funding for a variety of needs courtesy the Loan for Retailer in Hyderabad provided by TAB Capital Limited. The Loan against Card Swipe is an innovatively structured concept that comes with several benefits such as, zero collateral, tenures up to 3 years and Loan amounts between Rs. 1 crore. You can also enjoy the swift processing and minimal documentation while funds are disbursed within 2 working days. Traders, retailers, restaurant owners and other merchants in Hyderabad will be heartily welcome this loan product.

Loan to Professional

TAB Capital Limited can prove to be a financial saviour of sorts with its loan for Chartered Accountant in Hyderabad. Those on the lookout for Loan to Professionals in Hyderabad including doctors, CAs, and other self-employed professionals can now put all their worries at bay. It is the best option at their disposal if they aim to expand their practices, buy new equipment and boost their Businesses in general. You can apply for a Loan based on your requirements and the Professional practice that you are currently involved in.

The good news is, our Professional Loan in Hyderabad is free of any collateral needs and we sanction Loans up to Rs.50 lakhs at attractive rates of interest. These individuals can now establish their practices without being deterred by the lack of funds. Further, you can enjoy convenient repayment tenures and zero pre-payment charges coupled with swift disbursal within 2 working days. Besides, we offer a moratorium period up to 1 year for practising professionals which are yet another key advantage. You can easily apply online for an Unsecured Professional Loan in Hyderabad.

Loan Against Property

TAB Capital Limited offers a very convenient Loan Against Property in Hyderabad. Its aim is to help you harness the untapped value of your asset, by contributing largely to areas such as Business expansion, taking care of immediate financial requirements and so on. Irrespective of whichever asset you own, TAB Capital Limited will extend financial assistance in the form of Loan against Industrial Property or a Loan against Commercial Property in Hyderabad and even Loans against Residential Property.

The most appealing part of our Loan products is that we offer Loans up to 80% of the property value and our repayment tenures are also convenient. And that’s not all- we are very particular about processing the disbursing of finance within 2 working days followed by a swift approval and verification procedure. The attractive rates of interest are the icing on the cake, so to say!